Naatiya Banquet Hall

About The Hall

Naatiya Banquet Hall is located at 8 Mountain Avenue in the Bloomfield Mini Mall Plaza, in Bloomfield, Connecticut. It is an ideal place to have events such as:

What makes Naatyia Banquet Hall your number one choice to have your event? 

We make it easy for you by being the number one affordable banquet hall in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Unlike most places where the banquet hall controls everything, if you choose to do so, we allow you to lower the cost of your event by bringing in your own caterer.* However, we can provide you with affordable wedding and event packages as well as having access to an event and wedding planner. 

If you are looking to have a wonderful event at a reasonable cost, then we are the one for you!

What is the cost to rent Naatiya Banquet Hall?

The cost to rent the hall starts at $500.00. For full details, feel free to download our rental policy and agreement, and maximum capacity the hall can accommodate.  

*Your caterer must provide state license, with health permits and liability insurance. If serving alcohol, the caterer must provide a state license as well. If you are bringing in your own alcohol you must have a valid insurance certificate.

Click on the picture below to view the slideshow of the banquet hall.